Office 365

OneDrive / Office 365 User Guide

OneDrive / Office 365 User Guide

What is OneDrive for Business and Office 365?

OneDrive for Business is a cloud-based file storage system with online editing and collaboration tools for Microsoft Office documents and is part of Office 365. The Reinhardt University provide staff and students access to Office 365 with their university accounts. This includes:

  • OneDrive for Business – Unlimited cloud-based storage with the facility to edit documents online and share documents with anyone
  • Office 365 Pro Plus – full versions of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus to install on 5 of your own devices (PC, Mac, tablet and mobile)

Logging into the office 365 Portal

  • To access the main Office 365 portal, open a web browser the enter the following address
  • Click in the account field to enter your Reinhardt University account, using the fully qualified username:

  • Click NEXT to be redirected to the University’s own sign-in page
  • Enter your University password and click Sign in.

Note: Note that all logins for all Office 365 products should be entered using the format “ ”.

Office 365 Interface

Go to the Settings pane; click on the cog icon – circled below. From the landing page you can access the following features:

  • The application tiles for opening the range of available Office 365 apps
  • The Install button for downloading and installing the latest version of Office software onto your own personal devices. For other alternatives (iOS, etc.) click the Install Office apps link.
  • Recent online documents


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