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How to Set up the sync client

How to Set up the sync client

University computers with Office 2016 for Windows should already have installed a OneDrive for Business sync client, but it may not be the most current version. Full instructions for installing and using the new Sync client can also be found

  • In your OneDrive library, click Sync on the command bar.

  • You will see this message screen indicating you may need to upgrade to the new sync client software before you can proceed with the sync.
    • If you have permissions to install software, you can click the ‘get the latest version’ link and follow the onscreen instructions to install the new client as prompted.
    • When the download finishes you’ll be asked to sign in
      and you should skip to the next section, Setting up the Sync Client.
    • If you do not have permissions to download and install software, you can install the Next Generation Sync Client from the IT Services Self-Serve Software Centre.

  • If the Set-up OneDrive dialog box appears, select Work or school option and sign in. If you already have the latest version of the sync client, you’re already signed in, you’ll be at the next step.

  • The next window will show the folder path of where the sync folder will be located. The default location in the top level of your User profile
    (C:\Users\<your username>\OneDrive). If you want to change the folder location, select Change location. Click Next.

  • The Sync your OneDrive files to this PC dialog box will appear, choose the folders you want to sync, or select Sync all files and folders, and then click Next.

  • Sync is now set up. It may take some time for all the chosen files to sync, but through the various sync icons which will indicate the sync status of a given file and monitor progress.

The green tick indicates the sync folder is up-to- date.


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