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How to access OneDrive Files from your Mobile Device

How to access OneDrive Files from your Mobile Device

You can easily access your OneDrive document library from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. You can of course use the browser on your device to access OneDrive, but there are also other more direct methods and that allow you to work offline:

  • The OneDrive app: This is available as a free download from the iTunes store and will give you direct access to your OneDrive document library to view/edit/share files from your iPad/iPhone. The app will sync your entire OneDrive library to your device, there is no option to select content for syncing.

NOTE: Do not get the OneDrive for Business app as Microsoft have now superseded that with a new single app for both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

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  • The Office mobile apps: If you don’t want to sync your whole library, you can open and edit specific files through the mobile Office apps (Word, Excel, etc.).
    • Open the desired app on your mobile device and sign in using your Office 365 account. Always choose ‘work account’, if you are given an option of signing in with a ‘Microsoft account’. Follow the screen instructions to enter your password.
      • Your OneDrive document library will display allowing you to select the file you want to open. If you subsequently go offline, your changes will be synced the next time you connect.


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