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Deleting Office 365 Groups

Deleting Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Group “owners” have the ability to delete a Group.  By default, the user that created a Group is its owner.  The Group owner has the option to assign other users as owners. If you delete a Group, the Group and all of its associated data are NOT recoverable.

How to delete a Group

Conenct to through your web browser.  Select the “Mail” icon (circled in red below)

In the left hand navigation menu, select the Office 365 Group you wish to delete.  As a example, “ITS Office 365 Demo” is selected (circled in red below):

In the upper right corner, select the elipses (…) – circled in red below:

The menu will expand as shown below.  Select “Edit Group”:

The menu expands on the right hand of the screen.  Select “Delete Group” (circled in red below):

You will get a confirmation pop up screen.  Be sure to read the impacts of the Group deletion.

Click the checkbox saying you understand and click “Delete” (both circled in red below):

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