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Acceptable Use Policy

Purpose of Policy:

To establish a policy to ensure the proper use of Reinhardt University’s computer, network and telecommunication resources and services by its students, employees, independent contractors, and other computer users. All individuals have the responsibility to use computer resources in an efficient, effective, ethical, and lawful manner.

The following policy, rules, and conditions apply to all users of computer, network and telecommunication resources and services, wherever the users are located. Violations of this policy may result in suspension without notice of privileges to use the resources and services, disciplinary action, including possible termination, and/or legal action.

Reinhardt University has the right, but not the duty, to monitor any and all aspects of the computer and network systems, including employee and student e-mail, to ensure compliance with this policy. The University has the right to use information gained in this way in disciplinary or criminal proceedings. The computers and computer accounts in use by employees and students are to assist them in the performance of their jobs and in attaining their educational goals. Employees and students should not have an expectation of privacy in anything they create, send, or receive on their network-attached computers. The computer, network and telecommunication systems belonging to Reinhardt University are for University business and educational purposes. Any other use in conflict with these purposes is not permitted.

Computer users are governed by the following provisions, which apply to all use of computer and telecommunication resources and services. Computer and telecommunication resources and services include, but are not limited to, the following: host computers, file servers, workstations, standalone computers, laptops, software, and internal or external communications networks (Internet, commercial online services, bulletin board systems, and e-mail systems) that are accessed directly or indirectly from Reinhardt University’s computer facilities. This policy may be amended or revised periodically as the need arises.

The term “users,” as used in this policy, refers to all employees, students, independent contractors, and other persons or entities accessing or using Reinhardt University’s computer, network and telecommunication resources and services.

Users must comply with all copyrights laws and fair use provisions, software licenses, and all other state and federal laws governing intellectual property. Inappropriate reproduction and/or distribution of copyright music, movies, computer software, text, images, etc. is strictly prohibited.

The electronic mail system shall not be used for “broadcasting” of unsolicited mail (unless authorized by the department chair or unit head) or for sending chain letters. Fraudulent, harassing, obscene, or other unlawful material may not be sent by e-mail or other form of electronic communication or displayed on or stored in Reinhardt University’s computers.

Users should use the same care in drafting e-mail and other electronic documents as they would for any other written communication. Anything created on the computer may, and likely will, be reviewed by others.

Users may not install software onto their individual computers (faculty and staff), lab computers or the network without first receiving express authorization to do so from the office of Information Technology.

Users shall not forward e-mail to any other person or entity without the express permission of the sender.

Users should not alter or copy a file belonging to another user without first obtaining permission from the owner of the file. The ability to read, alter or copy a file belonging to another user does not imply permission to read, alter or copy that file.

The computer, network and telecommunication resources and services of Reinhardt University may not be used for the transmission, creation or storage of commercial activity, personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, destructive programs (viruses and/or self replicating code), political material, or any other unauthorized or personal use.

Users are responsible for safeguarding their passwords for the system. Individual passwords should not be printed, stored online, or given to others. Users are responsible for all transactions made using their passwords.

A user’s ability to connect to other computer systems through the network does not imply a right to connect to those systems or to make use of those systems unless specifically authorized by the operators of those systems.

Entry into a system, including the network system, by individuals not specifically authorized or attempts to circumvent the protective mechanisms of any University system are prohibited. Deliberate attempts to degrade system performance or capability, or attempts to damage systems, software or intellectual property of others are prohibited.

Any network activity that impedes the flow of network traffic or diminishes the availability of resources to other users is strictly prohibited.

Reinhardt University is not responsible for the actions of individual users.

Use of Reinhardt’s computer, network and telecommunication resources and services constitutes acceptance of this Email and Computer Use Policy.

Wireless Network Policy

  • The Office of Information Technology is responsible for Reinhardt authorized wireless access points on the Reinhardt network
  • The Office of Information Technology is responsible for the allocation of frequencies/channels on all wireless network devices on Reinhardt property (e.g., cordless phones, microwave ovens, cordless speakers, Bluetooth devices, etc.) that share the same frequency space as the Reinhardt wireless network.
  • The Office of Information Technology is responsible for the management of all authorized wireless network access.
  • The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to identify and locate non-compliant wireless access points on Reinhardt’s property, and to act on those discovered through normal operation and troubleshooting of the network, including security scans.
  • Any devices on Reinhardt property discovered interfering with the authorized wireless access points will be subject to any of the following measures: termination of use, disabling of the transmit function, or disabling of appropriate ports for radio-based equipment.
  • No personally owned  wireless access points are authorized for connection to the Reinhardt Network
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