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Using Office365’s OneDrivePro (Formerly SkyDrive)

OneDrivePro is an online file/document storage system similar to DropBox.  You can access it from any computer with a fairly recent web browser, an iPhone/iPad, or Android phone/tablet.  It is part of Microsoft’s Office365 online system, so you already have a OneDrivePro account as part of your Office365 email account.  OneDrivePro will allow you to store 25 gigabytes of files in Microsoft’s “cloud”. Accessing your OneDrive is very simple.  Just login to the Office365 email site (, then click “OneDrive” at the top.

  • The first time you go into OneDrive, you’ll see it setting up your OneDrive folders.  This only takes a few seconds
  • Once it finishes that, it will ask if you want to enable the “social” aspects of SharePoint.  That’s up to you.
  • If you choose “No Thanks” to the social stuff, you will be dropped into the “NewsFeed” area.
  • Just click “OneDrive” again and you’ll get to the main OneDrive screen.

Uploading Files to OneDrive


To upload a file to OneDrive, click the “Files” tab near the top

Then click “Upload Document

Browse around to find the file(s) you want to upload.  Even though the screen says “document”, you can upload pretty much any type of file you want – programs, ZIP files, even MP3s or movie files.

Create documents in OneDrive

A nifty thing you can do in OneDrive is create a new MS Office document that is stored entirely in OneDrive.

You can create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or Powerpoint presentations.  Since Office365 has “Office-On-The-Web” (OOTW) built-in, you don’t even need Microsoft Office on your computer to do this – you’ll get the “web” version of the program when you create a new document.  There’s quite a bit of stuff within the OOTW area, but it’s beyond the scope of this simple How-To to describe how to use it.

You can also upload a Office document to your OneDrive and open it with OOTW.  Since OOTW is a bit stripped-down compared to the full MS Office, there may be some complicated documents that OOTH can’t handle.  But for relatively simple things like term papers and small spreadsheets, you should be OK.

Deleting files from OneDrive

  • Deleting a file from your OneDrive takes a few clicks.
  • First, click on the three dots for that file.
  • That will bring up some sort of small window (here, the file is an MP3 so it’s in a mini-MP3 player).  Click on the three dots in this small window.
  • And you’ll finally get a menu with “Delete” on it.  Click Delete and the file will be moved to the OneDrive Recycle Bin.
  • If you delete a file and need to undelete it, click on the gear icon next to your name
  • Then select Site Settings
  • On the Site Settings page, click Recycle Bin in the right-hand column
  • That will take you to the Recycle Bin where you can “Restore Selection” to undelete your file.


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