Browser Troubleshooting

How to Block a website


Internet Explorer

  1. Click Tools in the File menu and click Internet Options. If Tools is not visible, press the Alt key
  2. In the Internet Options window, click on the Content tab.
  3. Under the Content Advisor heading, click Enable if it has not yet been enabled, or click Settings, enter your supervisor password and click the OK button
  4. In the Content Advisor window, click the Approved Sites tab
  5. Enter the Web address to block and click the Never button. Click the OK button to exit the Content Advisor window, then click OK again to exit the Internet Options window and continue browsing

Google Chrome

  1. Chrome does not include any type of website blocking tool or feature. However, there are plenty of Chrome Extensions that can be installed to allow you to block a website. Visit the Chrome web store and search for “blocksite” to pull up a listing of available extensions that will block websites

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Tools menu and click Add-ons. If you don’t see Tools, press the Alt key.
  2. In the top-right corner of the Add-ons Manager page, there is a search bar. Perform a search for BlockSite. The first result should be the add-on called BlockSite. Click the Install button to install the add-on.
  3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation
  4. Click on the Tools menu and click Add-ons. On the Add-ons Manager page, click the Extensions tab.
  5. n the listing for BlockSite, click the Options button.

NOTE: In the Block Site Preferences, click the Add button. In the window asking for the Web address to block, enter the address of the website to block and click the OK button. Click the OK button to exit Block Site and continue browsing

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