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FAQ on Residence Hall Technology

Is there a network connection in my dorm?

All residence halls have wireless connection. ONLY East, West, Smith Johnston, Hubbard, Blue, Gold and Roberts all have two 100MB Ethernet (wired) connections per room.  (Single rooms contain only one network connection).

What do I need for my computer?

Students need an network card (802.11) and an network cable (preferably 10-15ft) if they are using the hard-wired ports in East, West, Smith Johnston or Roberts.All other students will need a wireless network card or a wireless USB adaptor.

Are there telephone in my dorm room?

No, there are no telephone connections in the dorms. Students must use their own cell phone.

What other technology services are available in the residence hall rooms?

Along with network technology, each dorm room is equipped with cable TV.

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